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  • Nr. camere:99
  • Suprafaţă cameră:15 mp
  • Suprafaţă teren:1995 mp
  • Coridor:Interior
  • Regim înălţime:2S+D+P+3E
  • Stare imobil:modernizat (2009)
  • Nr. locuri parcare:20
  • Stadiu construcţie:exista
  • An construcţie:1914


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Short description of the Constanta ”Palace” Hotel.

The ”Palace” Hotel is situated in Constanta, 5-7 Remus Opreanu street, Romania. It is next to „Tomis” touristic harbour of Constanta. Very close also are: the Commercial Harbour of Constanta, the „Modern” beach and the Casino of Constanta, all located in the old part of the city.The hotel was built in 1913 and inaugurated on July, 1914.The Constanta Palace Hotel building has 6 floors at the sea side and 5 floors at the street side (B+GF+3F).

On each floor there are 7 single rooms, 20 double rooms and 6 apartments. There are 33 rooms on each floor, totally 99 rooms.

The restaurant is about 250 sqm, the balcony of the restaurant is 90 sqm. The kitchen is 160 sqm. At the ground floor, outside the building, there is a terrace for the restaurant of about 190 sqm, with directly access from the street, restaurant and hotel. At the ground floor is the reception, the coffee shop (100 sqm), day bar (81 sqm) and several other commercial spaces (84 sqm, 44 sqm, etc.), etc.

At the first two levels with entrance from the harbour, there are other about 1200 sqm that could be used for commercial gallery, fitness, etc.

The building has two main entrances, one from the TomisHarbour, one from the street and one from the restaurant terrace.

The building has three elevators: two for four floors and one for seven floors.

All the rooms have air conditioning, internet, TV, etc.

This moment the hotel is classified as three stars (***).

The total surface at the ground level is 1994,50 sqm.

Gross square footage of the building ~ 6901.94 sqm.

Gross square footage ~ Floor area (net usable) x 1.2

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