Teren agricol de vânzare

Braila, zona Nord-Vest - Hartă

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16.649 RON
3.975 USD


/ ha
404 ha | f.s. 111111 m | extravilan | agricol


  • Suprafaţă teren:404 ha
  • Front stradal:111111 m
  • Tip teren:agricol
  • Clasificare teren:extravilan
  • Construcţie pe teren:Nu



  • Sistem irigatie


    Situat in extravilanul comunei Maicanesti, la limita Judetului Vrancea cu Braila

    Alte detalii

    Location: The land is located between the Vrancea and Braila districts, as you can see from the attached map (map.jpg)
    Total land area: 404,3234 hectares are composed of 3 plots of land
    - First plot has 169,2963 Hectares
    - The second plot has 189,7873 Hectares
    - The third plot has 45,24 Hectares

    The quality of soil is chernozem 1st class;
    Flat surface
    The land is swept of irrigation systems
    The land doesn’t have the flood risk thanks to the land position (it is located at heights that exceed 30.40m toward the level of Danube and goes to 180 m)
    The land is compacted 100 % until now
    The area represents a maximum interest, being the best agricultural area of the Braila county (quality of soil, location toward the main roads, etc)
    The presented offer has one ownership the work method from the juridical point of view can be seen later, after the offer will be accept

    Approximate sale price : 3500 Euro /ha + legal and other costs

    We can arrange a full-service contract to take care of all matters of purchase including due dilligence, finding, negotiating, purchasing and selling, first taking the risk, solving problems with ownership, any legal problems, allocating the team, compacting the area, within a strict timeline at a fixed price. This will be at a better price and with a more experienced and trustworthy team than you can find elsewhere.

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